IBS Fall Palooza Live Music Weekend, Nov. 6th-7th

To kick off the 2009-2010 IBS Student Radio Network broadcast year, we are proud to announce IBS Fall Palooza 2009, Friday November 6th, and Saturday November 7th.
What is IBS-Palooza?
It is a weekend of local, live music on member stations of the IBS Student Radio Network, simulcast across the IBS Student Radio Network to kick off the fall 2009 semester.
IBS Palooza - Fall 2009
The goals of IBS Palooza are:
  • Use IBS Palooza as a recruiting tool for getting volunteers to work at your station.
  • Help local college bands get airplay– make your station important for your community.
  • Raise some money for worthy charities local to you.
  • Have some fun (of course!)

IBS Fall Palooza 2009 happens on the first full weekend of November, Friday November 6th and Saturday November 7th. Currently the following schools are signed up or considering a broadcast as part of the event:

  • Simmons College Boston
  • All Independent Radio from Art Institute, Boston
  • Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
  • WFNM – Franklin & Marshall College Radio, Lancaster PA
  • Goucher College Radio, Towson MD
  • KXZY Oklahoma State, Stillwater Oklahoma
  • Roosevelt University, Chicago
  • Simmons College, Boston
  • XTSR – Towson University Radio, Towson MD
  • WLIU-BK – Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Radio
The ground rules for IBS-Palooza are very straightforward:
Live local bands from your college, broadcast live on your station. All organized by you– content is of your choice.
Each station will agree on a 1-2 hour time slot, and we’ll take care of everything else. You’ll just broadcast normally on your station, and we’ll pick it up and rebroadcast it on the IBS Radio Network station ‘IBS-Palooza’.
Each station should elect one or more charities to be a beneficiary of the broadcast. You’ll put a link in your stream to a place where people listening can click through to donate to that charity.
You’ll be able to simulcast the rest of the event on your station if you want to.
You need to be a member of the IBS Student Radio Network (IBS-SRN) to participate.   For more information about the IBS Student Radio Network, you can sign up at http://www.backbone.com

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