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Turning AM/FM Inside Out
Everything but the Tower...In the Cloud

White Label Stations & Virtualized Tools

- No Capital Expense -

Create a New 24/7 Digital Media Station

Start your station with the most advanced cloud-based automation and live production tools. Produce podcasts and stream to the world — from anywhere. Add a powerful broadcast phone system and studio quality smartphone remotes via LUCI, and you have the world's most agile radio platform — without all the hassle and expense of cumbersome hardware

Enhance Your Existing AM/FM/TV Station

Boost your existing radio station's (or podcast's) production quality up a notch or two with an integrated suite of communications and content tools, all virtualized in the cloud, free of hardware. Add a multiline phone system with remote screeners. Add cohosts in other cities, plus unlimited simultaneous remotes, without buying gear. Broadcast from anywhere.

Backbone Radio

Complete radio station in the cloud, 24/7, live and automated, from Anywhere

Backbone Radio

Professional radio station you can operate from home or Anywhere
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Backbone Talk

Multi-line broadcast call-in phone system for your listeners. Easy, intuitive, and incredibly powerful

Backbone Talk

All the features of a top broadcast phone system without the hardware
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Backbone CoHost

Studio quality remotes and collaborative broadcasts with gear you already own

Backbone CoHost

Agile remotes and collaborative broadcasts with CoHost and free LUCI Global app for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows
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Backbone Hub

Handles your syndication and automates your podcast production & distribution

Backbone Hub

Autopublish podcasts, Alexa briefings, and syndicate to all your radio affiliates. Included in Backbone Radio
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Backbone creates “White Label” stations, promoting your name, your site, your brand—not ours. We support you in the background, providing all the cloud-based technical infrastructure while you focus on your content, your programming, and your mission. Always on the air — from anywhere.

Backbone Radio™—Your Station Anywhere

All You Need is a Mac®, a Mic, and a Mixer, and You're On The Air

Unchain yourself from tons of needless studio equipment. Virtualized in the Cloud is everything you need to operate your radio station, from anywhere.

  • Radio Automation for your live & recorded production
  • Audio Library database stores & manages content
  • PBX handles your phone calls to/from listeners 
  • Remote Bridge for “backhaul” feeds in studio quality
  • Simultaneous recording for on-demand programs
  • Auto-mixer assembles segments with music & pre-rolls
  • Elastic streaming with enormous audience capacity
  • Scheduled syndication to AM/FM/Sat affiliates
  • Automatic podcast generation & publication
  • Outputs for Alexa®, Twitter cards, and other modalities

Enhance Your Existing AM/FM/TV, Podcast,
and/or Streaming Production without the Costly Gear

All Your Key On-Air Communications Working Together
Through cloud virtualization, our innovative services help existing stations achieve greater production values while lowering operating costs and capital expenditures. 

Take On-Air Calls, Easily with Backbone Talk™

A professional talk-radio system you can use from anywhere, anytime. No phone lines to run, phone sets or servers to buy or set up, no hybrids, no IT issues.
Get more phone power for your sports/news/talk shows.
Backbone Talk

Add Remotes, Clearly with Backbone CoHost™

The world is your studio. Broadcast from there. No need for your hosts to drive in; everyone can broadcast from home. No need to buy expensive IP audio codec sets. Get studio quality remotes and multi-location shows with the smartphones you already own.
Backbone CoHost

Syndicate, Everywhere with Backbone Hub™

Share your live & automated shows with other stations. Use one simple platform to create, schedule, and share FTP audio files, live audio feeds, publish podcasts & Alexa® briefings. Autoprocess incoming CoHost/Remote feeds and autopublish as Tweets, Alexa briefs, and/or Podcasts. Backbone Hub

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