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The new guide to creating a media program for students

Every School Needs a Radio Station

Students’ communication skills will improve and confidence will grow

 “Students not only learn the basic concepts of operating broadcast equipment but work on skills in speaking, articulation, production, script writing, interviewing, time management and more. You will apply your journalistic skills to access, analyze, evaluate and produce media in a variety of forms as you learn the ethical considerations and laws that affect broadcast journalism.”  — KEOM, Mesquite, TX

For comprehensive, step-by-step details on curriculum, funding, and so much more, please get a copy of SCRIPTED — available from Amazon

Kristina Holzweiss

Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2020

This book came just in time! This year I am teaching a news production course in our high school, a course that I have never taught before. When I heard that this book was being published I couldn’t wait for a paperback copy, so I rushed out and ordered the Kindle version so that I could read it immediately. And I’m so glad I did! This book included exactly what I needed to get started, from familiarizing myself with new broadcast terminology to learning camera angles. After I read it, I immediately began writing my curriculum. I had writer’s block for so long and Scripted helped me to prepare for my class in a way that no other book could. Thank you!

What Equipment Do I Need, and What Does it Cost?

See bundled equipment examples below

That's it?
Why so few items?​

Unlike old time radio, Backbone’s advanced technology “virtualizes” (in the cloud) all of the expensive production and broadcast equipment, including automation, storage, servers, and even phones. That means you’re no longer tied to the studio, and you can broadcast from home, events, or anywhere you can get a decent Internet connection.


Backbone Internet Radio in the Cloud

What kind of computer and software will we need?

Backbone Radio is the core broadcasting software, and it runs on Mac® OS X 10.12 to 10.14 computers, which are readily available in most schools. Nothing is as plug-and-play as a Mac, or so easy to use.

When will our station be on the air?

All stations on the Backbone platform are on the air all the time, 24/7. When you are not broadcasting LIVE, your automation system takes over to run your recorded content, like music, old shows, or your podcasts—overnight, weekends, or during vacation. You can program it from anywhere, and you can go LIVE anytime.

Will it make Podcasts, too?

Yes, Backbone Radio is a marvelous platform for creating podcasts, because of its ease of use, powerful automation, and hands-free publishing of podcast episodes to major podcast outlets (example). It can also launch audio “briefings” to Alexa as they are updated. Both features are used by major sports organizations, as well as schools. Podcast hosting, distribution, and publication are included in your Backbone service.

How much does it cost?

Qualified K–12 schools are encouraged to join the IBS Student Radio Network by becoming a member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for only $125/year. As an IBS member school, you will receive a 25% discount on all Backbone software/service. Your annual cost for Backbone Radio software and hosting, Podcast hosting and distribution, and streaming to listeners, becomes only $2,700.

Are there any options available?

Some schools add our multiline broadcast phone system, Backbone Talk, which allows listeners to call in and join the broadcast. This unique cloud-based service requires no extra hardware, and has its own software app for both the Host and Screener. The discounted cost for Backbone Talk is $1,350/year. 


Some schools opt for adding studio quality, live remotes and collaborative broadcasts wherein multiple students simultaneously conduct live broadcasts from their respective homes, with Backbone CoHost with LUCI Globalusing only their smartphones or laptops. This amazing capability costs $2,475/year.

Hardware Example, All-Purpose
Portable Radio Setup for Studio & Remote

The following is a preliminary example of an excellent, low-cost setup for your classrooms or any other location you decide to originate from. Stay tuned to see special bundle pricing on these and other configurations as they become available

Four-Person Radio/Podcast



  • 1x Podcast Production Console
  • 4x Microphone with shock mount and carrying case
  • 4x Pro studio headphones
  • 4x Desktop boom microphone stand
  • plus cables, memory card, and more

MacBook Pro (refurb)



  • 15.4 inch screen
  • OS 10.12 to 10.14
  • 8+ GB RAM