Backbone Radio System Requirements

Apple Macintosh (Backbone Radio OnAirStudio and OnAirDisplay Clients):

  • Hardware: Intel Mac (iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mini)
  • OS X 10.12 to 10.14
  • Audio input for live sessions, or low latency USB audio converter
  • Memory: 2GB minimum
  • Hard disk: 1GB available minimum

Technical Product Features:

  • QuickTime compression using MPEG-4
  • 4g phone codecs supported
  • Live streaming
  • Music database with custom type names and color codes
  • Text and/or image annotation with individual clickable links
  • Standard Rotation for Unattended operation
    • Randomization according to common broadcast rules
    • Limits repeat of individual clips or artists
    • Standard rotation applicable to all database types, including commercials
  • Scheduling
    • Fixed time schedule items can repeat at specific intervals
    • Granularity to seconds
  • Intuitive user interfaces for production and operation
    • Production (‘OnAirStudio’) database and scheduling interface
    • Operation (‘OnAirDisplay’) DJ interface
  • SQL database logging of program log, listener connections, all media, schedules, etc.
  • Remote broadcasts with portable computer, broacast from anywhere back to cloud based server

Backbone Talk System Requirements

System Requirements:

  • Hardware: Intel Mac (iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mini)
  • OS X 10.12 to 10.14

Network Requirements: A high quality internet connection that is capable of supporting Voice over IP. This is an internet connection with the following characteristics:

  • Upstream bandwidth 1MB/s
  • Packet loss < 1% (0.5% preferred)
  • Round Trip packet transmit time < 200ms
  • Jitter < 30 ms
  • UDP and TCP traffic allowed out
  • ftp allowed out

To test the capability of your internet connection run the 8×8 VoIP test. This test requires a 64-bit browser that supports Java such as Safari. The Chrome browser does not currently support this test.

Network ports out for control/telephony are 5062, 6660-7000 and 9990-9999. If you can’t connect to the phone system, these ports will likely need to be opened on your network by your IT department.

Mix-Minus – For your DJ/Talent/Host phone (Talk) computer — set up a mix minus with your mixing board auxiliary output.