Backbone Talk™

Powerful Talk Radio Phone System
In the Cloud, With Your Mac

A different kind of Talk Radio phone system — one without phone lines or hardware. Backbone Talk integrates smoothly to elevate production values in sports, news and talk shows in both studio and remote broadcasts.

Everything you need to take calls, screen them and put them on the air—in an easy to use, professional phone system. You concentrate on the creative and business aspects, and we provide the products to help your station prosper…on all levels. Combined with Backbone Radio, the result is a complete talk radio station that can produce professional shows locally, remotely and with callers around the globe.

Backbone Talk is a multi-line, call-in phone system in the cloud enabling 24/7 talk radio stations to engage their listening audience from anywhere in the world, using only a Macintosh computer, without any additional hardware. With its local/remote call screener capability, talent can focus on the conversation, while the call screener uses his Macintosh to answer, conference, block, and/or record calls. Features include inbound text from the same phone line; and a digitally integrated caller feedback line for listeners to record voice messages into Backbone Radio for later air play. 


Listener Interactivity

The life-blood of talk radio is the listener who calls into your show.  Give your audience riveting conversation by talking with them, not at them. Allow callers to provide feedback — on the air


No Extra Equipment 

Everything is right on your Mac and in the cloud.  No bulky studio phone switches, no expensive multi-line handsets and no phone lines to run. Just plug in a headset, and you’re on the air talking to callers.

Familiar Controls 

Feel comfortable with on-screen controls you recognize, including Dial, Ring, Connect, Hold, Conference, Busy All and Drop.  Configurable number of callers, up to 10 simultaneous.




Call Screener 

The separate Call Screener module is available for use on another Mac. It allows Producers and Talent to manage callers while maintaining constant communications

Remote Screener 

Leave your call screener at home and save on travel.  Share your screener among shows from different cities.  The phone system in the cloud permits screener and talent to function a world apart.

Backbone Talk - Talent

Backbone Talk Datasheet

Technical Requirements
Technical Requirements

Backbone Talk

System Requirements

Network Requirements

A high quality internet connection that is capable of supporting Voice over IP. This is an internet connection with the following characteristics:

To test the capability of your internet connection run the VOIP Review test. This test will provide the information requested above and let you know whether your internet connection is capable of running a VoIP service.

Network ports out for control and telephony need to be opened.  If you can’t connect to the phone system, these ports will likely need to be opened on your network by your IT department. Opening all ports will enable operation. If you would like to know which specific ports to open please contact Backbone Support at

Mix-Minus – For advanced audio and radio configurations you may require mix minus set up with your mixer’s auxiliary output.


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Backbone Talk Pricing

$150 per month for 2,500 minutes* and texts (one text equates to one minute). 

$0.10 per minute and text overages. 

Backbone will provision a local phone number 

U.S. toll-free numbers are available for an additional $25 per month 

(texts unavailable on toll-free).

Contact us at if you would like pricing for multiple phone systems and for minutes over 10,000 per month.

*For annual prepay and monthly credit card accounts; 1,500 for monthly invoiced accoun