Rock Shop Boston – College Radio Event

I attended the Rock Shop Boston 12 event on college radio the other night.  It was quite well attended with lots of local colleges and universities in attendance.  Thanks to Steve Theo from Pirate! Promotion for putting it on . . . and thanks for the spread of food.

Rock Shop Boston logoThe Rock Shop panel discussed the college radio and music in depth with panelists Phil Flemming of 91.5 WMFO, Ali Donohue of 89.3 WTBU, Liz Pelly of 90.3 WZBC, Eric Roberts of 91.7 WMWM, and Rob Duguay of 990  The main focus of the discussion focused on the ins and out of getting new music submitted to their stations and what it takes to get on the air.

The interesting thing is that every station was different in their own way and view their main goal is to get air play for the music they find interesting and important.  I won’t go into detail here because Indie Ambassador has done an excellent job summarizing the event in their blog.

Looking forward to the October event!  Also a shout out to Charles McEnerney from Well Rounded Radio, thanks for the discussion about local radio, hoping to see the growth of the Jamaica Plains Music event in the future.  It would be great to get the bands some exposure on the air.

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