Backbone Creates World Class News/Talk Radio Platforms

Your Brand is Your Platform, Give it Powerful Presence
Backbone Provides the Tools  — You Add the Personalities
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Broadcast Your Talk Radio Around the World

Create Powerful Radio, without the Technical Hassle

  • Produce your shows with familiar, professional tools and interfaces
  • Easy remote live broadcasts from anywhere — even from home
  • For Sports, News and Commentary
  • Integrated Call-in/Call-out Phone System
  • Live Radio Assist — with Handy Stop Sets
  • Schedule after-hours archived Programs with easy Automation

Simple, yet Commanding

All you need is a Mac®, a mixer and a couple of mics or headsets…we handle all the rest.  Simply connect to the Internet —from anywhere—and you’re live on the air.  It’s as easy as a Mac can be.  Broadcast live when you want, from where you want, with everything fitting in just a backpack.


Take Your Show on the Road

Cover breaking news or a community event…live and fast. Just use local wi-fi or your own 4G hotspot, and you’re on the air. Break for commercials or other clips with on-screen “stop sets”. Between your live sets, switch to Automation, or to another talent — who might be co-hosting from anywhere.  When you’re on the move, you are the studio, in control and always connected. 

Plus, Your Phone System, Anywhere

Wherever you are, you’re not alone. Your listeners can call in and reach you whenever you want. No phone lines to run, no heavy equipment to carry. It’s all on your Mac.  Call your remote guests and bring them into the conversation, too.  Tie in a call screener, either locally or from another city, and you can focus on your show.

Talk Radio eBook

Starting a Talk Radio Station

Every successful radio personality can now easily afford his/her own 24/7 station.

The future of radio is bright but targeting a single distribution medium to reach listeners has many challenges. The future is an integrated view of your listeners. One that encompasses AM, FM, Satellite and the Internet.

The barriers to entry for starting a digital station have been lowered, especially compared to the cost of running a traditional terrestrial radio station. The difference between surviving and thriving depends on your station as a Platform, your programming and the fan base you build and maintain.

In our eBook, 16 Tickets to Starting a Talk Radio Station we offer a few tips to help you on your way. If you want to see all this in an integrated package come talk to us. Backbone Networks, Your Station Anywhere.