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The IBS Student Radio Network, by Backbone

“Professional” Stations for College, High School and Non-Profit Organizations

Member Station, KXZY Oklahoma State University Radio

Listener map Network Week Hotspots

Find out how many people listened to what show or song, from where and for how long. Create easy reports from your automated logs. Get a Google Map mashup — zoom in to pinpoint your listening audience.

Create and operate your online radio station

Easy, Powerful and Intuitive

  • Develop professional skills  — with the same tools major stations use
  • For Sports, News, Music & Commentary
  • Live radio — with drag ‘n drop Automation and Scheduling
  • Easy remote live broadcasts from anywhere — away games, concerts or even from home
  • Be on the air 24/7, and stay on the air over breaks and vacation
  • Student-run stations share content and build “community”

Live and Automated

All you need is a Mac®, a mixer and a mic…we handle all the rest.  Simply connect to the Internet —from anywhere—and you’re live on the air.  It’s as easy as a Mac can be.  Broadcast live when you want, from where you want, then instantly switch to automated operation with easy-to-make playlists and auto-generated schedules.


Easy, Mobile Remotes

Cover an away game, a concert or a breaking news event…live and fast. Just use local wi-fi or your own 4G hotspot, and you’re on the air.  Break away to recorded spots with the click of a trackpad. When you’re on the move, you ARE the studio, in control and always connected. 

Community and Content

College & high school radio is about learning, developing skills and having fun.  The IBS-SRN is a true digital network, where students can share radio content, like music from local bands, live events and news programming, with other member stations. Even more opt-in content is available from third-party providers of music and other programming — “invisibly delivered” to your station’s audio Library.

XTSR Staff