Backbone HUB

Manage audio content in the cloud with Backbone Hub

Quit Juggling Your Audio. Use Backbone HUB

Automated HQ Audio File Syndication via the Cloud

Content Production & Management


  • Create compelling audio and distribute it automatically
    • Schedule “Flash Briefings” on Alexa® & Google Home® (soon)
    • Publish & stream your Podcasts to various platforms
    • Syndicate audio segments to AM/FM stations via FTP

  • Automatically turn voiceovers into dynamic audio clips
    • Combine voice, music beds, pre/postrolls & ads
    • Use Co-Host/LUCI to remotely file reports, shows & updates


Click to download a PDF of Backbone Hub data sheet.

Backbone Hub, cloud based on-demand audio production and distribution software for Alexa flash briefings and Google Home, podcasts and radio automation FTP feeds

Expand your radio/podcast presence across an expanding universe of audio platforms with our new Backbone Hub production and syndication system. Working in conjunction with Backbone Radio™, the Hub takes your dry voice segments, adds the music bed, appends your preroll, commercials and postroll, for example, and launches it to your affiliate stations, to your podcast host, and to new smart speaker platforms, like Amazon’s Echo family (“Flash Briefing” skill).

Backbone HUB produces professional Alexa moments from your dry spoken audio

Simply record your voice, and HUB does all the rest


•  Launch Flash Briefings for Alexa-enabled devices
Listeners hear your always-fresh, latest installment
Soon: Also for Google Home® and others
  Publish new podcast episodes automatically via RSS
  Provide AM/FM stations with your latest programs
Uses FTP to sync with terrestrial stations’ automation
  Requires no extra hardware or software
It all happens in the cloud
  No human intervention required, no salaries to pay
  You simply supply your basic audio — dry or edited
Backbone Hub does the rest
  “Call in” updates using Backbone Co-Host & LUCI® Global
Studio Quality content from anywhere via iOS/Android
  Add or update programs as often as you like
Frequent updating keeps your station fresh and vital
  You control your own content (e.g., voice, music, rolls)
Manage it all via Backbone (Radio) Producer™
  Automation via Backbone Radio’s audio library

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Talk Radio eBook

Starting a Talk Radio Station

Starting a Talk Radio Station

Jeff Bundy

Backbone’s service gave us the means to take calls and put them on the air. We now have the ability to take our sports talk show on the road, phone system and all, and that has really helped us get out in the community to broadcast.

Jeff Bundy The Omaha World-Herald March 13, 2015