Backbone Enables World’s First HTTP LIVE Streaming Internet Radio Stations

New streaming protocol promises more robust connections andability to traverse firewalls. IBS Student Radio Network will adoptHTTP Live Streaming in iPhone’s College Radio Tuner application

Two cutting edge college radio stations are making history as the first Internet stations to stream in the new HTTP Live streaming protocol. With the help of Backbone Networks Corporation, Long Island University WLIU-BK and Goucher Student Radio have become the first stations to add HTTP Live streaming to their broadcast offerings. This station upgrade is part of Backbone’s plan to further expand IBS Student Radio Network (IBS-SRN) station listenership by adding both HTTP Live Streaming and Shoutcast protocols to the current RTSP streams currently offered by the network to a variety of additional players on iPhone, iPod touch, computers and other devices.

Backbone LogoHTTP Live Streaming is the HTTP-based protocol which enables the College Radio Tuner App to seamlessly stream through firewalls, routers and proxy servers.

Shoutcast is the popular streaming protocol used by a number ofInternet radio stations, directories and tuners. Adding Shoutcastsupport extends Backbone’s powerful automation to this popular protocolfor all our stations. “IBS’ current iTunes and iPhone capabilities havebeen tremendous in connecting our member stations to the world. AddingShoutcast and HTTP Live Streaming will make our college and high schoolradio stations even easier to find and hear,” said Len Mailloux,Chairman of The Intercollegiate Broadcast System. “These extensionsgive us the chance to reach out to new listeners around the globe andshare the excitement and fun that is college radio.”

The first two HTTP Live stations, WLIU-BK (Long Island University,Brooklyn Campus) and Goucher Student Radio (Goucher College; Towson,MD), are important members of the IBS Student Radio Network. Backbonewill be upgrading all IBS-SRN member stations by the end of 2009.Backbone’s free College Radio Tuner App for iPhone and iPod touch nowsupports HTTP Live Streaming stations. In addition, during thisprocess, Backbone will be adding Shoutcast and Icecast streamingcapability to all stations, enabling them to be listed and found innumerous online streaming directories.


In 2007, Backbone Networks Corporation, in cooperation with theIntercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), launched the first trueInternet radio network, one that specifically aims to enhance thestudent radio experience. The IBS Student Radio Network enables studentoperated stations to syndicate live and produced programming amongmember stations, as well as automatically access a vast amount ofroyalty-free programming from worldwide third-party sources.

About IBS

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) is a nonprofitassociation of mostly student-staffed radio stations based at schoolsand colleges across the country. Over 1,000 IBS member stations operateall types of facilities including Internet – Webcasting,closed-circuit, AM carrier-current, cable radio, FCC-licensed FM, LPFMand AM stations.

About Backbone

Founded in 1990, Backbone Networks Corporation has its roots indeveloping television and radio software, especially content productionand delivery applications. Its founders are pioneers in developingtechnology for the broadcasting industry. They have supplied softwareand systems for some of the highest profile broadcasters and theirevents.

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