Backbone Syndicate™

Save Money — Enhance Reliability — Improve Performance

Say Goodbye to Satellites

Ditch the Dish

Why the Shift from Satellite to Cloud/IP Syndication?

Because of Satellite's...

  1. Availability
     Limited and diminishing satellite spectrum & bandwidth
  2.  Cost 
    Expensive and rising prices of inefficient satellite distribution
  3.  Inflexibility 
    Capital intensive satellite infrastructure and management
  4.  Reliability 
    Weather issues, cosmic outages, and downlink interference

What makes Backbone Syndicate Unique?

Integrated Platform

Syndication integrated with Backbone Hub™ specifically for radio broadcasters, with abilities never available from legacy transmission infrastructures


  • No capital investment
  • Low monthly cost/affiliate
  • No contracts required
  • Unlimited transfer

Low Latency

With as much as a 90% decrease in signal latency, you’ll enjoy a smoother broadcast experience for sports, news, and talk shows 

Reliable, Available

Fiber optic transport provides the ultimate in digital transmission. You’ll eliminate your cosmic outages, downlink interference, and weather issues


Start with as few as two affiliates and grow unbounded as your show thrives. Affiliats need only a Comrex®, PC/Mac. or SIP device


Give each affiliate what it wants. Provide different ways to take your show: Live, Persistent Live (autorepeats), DL (file) or Zoned.

Superb Audio Quality

Improve the fidelity of your shows with the industry’s highest caliber codec: SIP OPUS. Your affiliates will thank you.

User Friendly

With Backbone support, you set it and forget it. It’s automated. Your affiliates will love it, too, using the same familiar workflow.

How Does it Work?

Deliver your shows to fit your Affiliates' schedules

Live Syndication

Live + Repeat

Recorded Files

Multi-Zone Net

Real time, low latency, high fidelity digital audio distribution. Affiliate stations receive with Comrex, PC, Mac, or other SIP device.

Real time live plus immediate, subsequent rebroadcast of automatically recorded shows. Perfect for adjacent time zones.

Automatic show recording and Web DL or FTP program delivery. Eliminates the need for affiliates to record shows for later airing.

For some complex, overlapping schedules, a muliple-feed solution may be desirable. Contact Backbone Support for solutions 


  • Base Subscription: Backbone Syndicate service, including two (2) affiliate stations — $275/month
  • Additional Affiliates: $100/month each
  • Initial Set Up for host and affiliates: Included — Subsequent moves & changes: $50 each (typical)