Now connect to Backbone Co-Host using LUCI Global for Android

Luci Global for AndroidOur partners at Technica del Arte have just unveiled a version of LUCI Global for Android, lending incredible mobility to your broadcasts. It is now available for download from the Google Play store.

With LUCI Global, in concert with Backbone Co-Host™, you can conference together all of your studio quality, live feeds from your co-hosts around the world, guests and field reporters, who require nothing more than an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, using the free LUCI Global app.

Google Play Luci GlobalBackbone Co-Host (with LUCI Global) is the cloud- based radio backhaul service for correspondent feeds, developed specifically for professional Sports, News and Talk stations. Co-Host manages incoming feeds using Apple Mac-based producer/screener software. It allows multiple hosts, guests and reporters to conference with each other, and also with listeners who call into the station’s phone system (Backbone Talk™).

LUCI Global enables a community of reporters, radio guests and co-hosts to contribute to broadcasts of any station listed in the LUCI Global directory, via 4G or wi-fi, using a free smartphone app. Now extended to all your Android users!


  1. Javed Mughal says

    where to buy?
    How much?
    needs more info for integrating with LUCI, is there any live person I could take on the phone to explain all this?

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