Your Internet Radio Station’s Reach Just Expanded, Now What?

TuneIn logo whiteThe reach of Backbone Internet radio stations keeps growing, and today there’s another way for your audience to find yours.  Yesterday, TuneIn announced that their powerful “TuneIn application will be featured prominently in T-Mobile’s Music Hub, which is part of the T-Mobile(R) Mall, a digital storefront available as a free download in Google Play.”

As Mark Ramsey said in a recent blog, Is Radio Losing “The War of Attention”:

Radio’s challenge is not to adapt its legacy technology for new devices, since this requires consumers to demand those devices because of that technology (look how well that worked for those HD table radios).  Its challenge is to create content that demands attention and nurture that attention across platforms and devices where consumers already spend their time.

With over 150 different devices, including new car radios, carrying your station via TuneIn, its small wonder that Internet radio listenership is growing at a rate of 50% annually. Clearly, they will be able to find you, now it’s your challenge to hold their attention and keep them listening. And the only way you can do that is with compelling content.  Be different and be heard.

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