Cape Fear Productions finds Backbone Networks and it is a wonderful thing

The Producer of Motorweek’s Goss’ Garage weekly radio show is glad he found Backbone to help his client, a nationally renown TV/radio personality, create a 24/7 online radio station. Guest contributor Steve McMillan tells what his production company went through and why he’s happy.

This week we are proud to present a guest post by Steve McMillan, Principal at Cape Fear Productions located in Wilmington, NC.  If you need radio production services please contact Steve. He and the team at Cape Fear Productions would love to help you.

Cape Fear Productions ContactWith a background in TV and commercial video production, I was tasked to bring a national talent, who had a following on both TV and terrestrial radio to web-based radio (if there was such a thing).

His PR team had tried to launch him with the top remedies shown on Google with ill results. Some were too restrictive and simple, pinning the show to one website; and others that promise the flexibility to incorporate professional features like phone-in guests and listeners, prerecorded show intros/outros and commercials required a hodge-podge of third-party adaptations that were unreliable and complicated to interface into the show. In short, they didn’t work.

In my research, I almost pulled the plug as well, as I would rather say no to an opportunity than embark on an unreliable set-up that would not serve my client, or my reputation. In live radio (or TV), no mistake is small.

With a sense of defeat and a bit of boredom, I continued on past the primary Google selections and found Backbone Radio. In the name alone, there was nothing to suggest that I had found a viable and professional choice, but that changed when my phone call was answered by one of the principals in the business.

In this case, Rich Cerny, Backbone’s President, quickly extinguished my sense of defeat by outlining the purpose behind bringing their solution to market. All of the players at Backbone Networks have extensive backgrounds in Radio, TV and programing/IT solutions that are critical to understanding and developing solutions to a not-so- simple technical undertaking. And in their endeavors, (as I found out) they developed a feature-rich system that had all the trappings of a professional terrestrial radio station in a compact set of services and tools that, in fact, are simple to operate. In addition to their software, they provided information on proven hardware solutions to round out the set-up. With a few tweaks here and there, the system works, and works, and works!

Goss' Garage logoPat Goss’ show, Goss’ Garage airs live every Saturday at 1:00 PM ET on, and is completely powered by Backbone Radio’s setup. Backbone also provides an RSS feed to automatically feed the show as a podcast to an endless numbers of sites, according to your audience and need. Pat is cohost of MotorWeek, and hosts Goss’ Garage on News 8 in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Pat has been a popular commodity in the radio market for over 30 years.

While Backbone Radio’s system is fit for the most demanding applications for professional broadcasters, it has opened the door for my company, Cape Fear Productions, to offer these services to many others that see the utility in bringing their organization’s voice – with a worldwide reach – to a growing audience that is ever more comfortable enjoying listening/watching their media choices through web-based deliveries – like smartphones, tablet, internet TV and so on.

So now, I can confidently provide – what was a non-existent system – to a growing market that had previously known only frustration in trying to leverage the new frontier of internet-based communications on a global scale.

And my confidence in doing so is more anchored in my relationship with the approachable geniuses that developed the system than the system itself, as I know I can embark on critical missions with the same level of backing that I provide all my customers.

Backbone Radio works. Period.

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