Backbone Welcomes Buffalo Public Schools’ RadioARTS Station

We are proud to announce that the Buffalo Pubic School District has launched its first student run radio station: RadioARTS  The station was started in June, as part of the District’s  summer camp.  RadioARTS  now has an ambassador at each school in the district who will help create content for the station. Created by Jackie Albarella RadioARTS is dedicated to the arts and the community.  In addition to the station, RadioARTS has a blog and Facebook group, where its listeners can continue to keep in contact.  RadioARTS has a blog and Facebook group, where its listeners can continue to keep in contact.

Radio ARTS

The RadioARTS program includes students from the Buffalo Public Schools (grades 6-12) who develop programming for this online school radio station. Each student has the chance to create a program with either original music and musical playlists, theatrical pieces, and/or arts-related interviews. The content created is all recorded, edited, and broadcast by RadioARTS students participating in the program.

Student radio at Buffalo Public Schools

DJ Jordan in the Booth

The station’s stated goal in all RadioARTS programming is to “offer arts information and entertainment that is diverse, educational, enriching and fun. Our interviews will focus on our students interests, which may include programs that revolve around family members, BPS faculty, and a variety of arts supporters. RadioArts students will also create programs that focus on community issues, family heritage, and cultural events that relate to the arts. It is the hope of everyone at RadioARTS that in using this mode of communication, we will be able share the positive things that are going on within the Buffalo Public Schools and with our students to a wide-reaching audience. ”

RadioARTS is a member of the IBS Student Radio Network by Backbone and is supported by the Buffalo Public Schools Art Education Department and the Arts Service Initiative of Western New York.

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