Backbone Networks Releases Backbone Talk 2.0

Backbone Talk Application Icon

After quite a bit of effort and a great beta test period we are releasing Backbone Talk 2.0 with many new features. Here is some feedback that we received about Backbone Talk during Beta test:

Backbone Talk has been amazing for my online broadcasts. It has never failed me once during a broadcast.
Jeff Adams Internet Broadcaster

A list of some of the new features and updates:

Simplified installation – Download the application, open the .dmg, drag and drop the application to your Application folder, start it up, enter your unique Customer Id and you will be up and running!

Update notifications – When there is an update to the Backbone Talk Client you will be notified when you start Backbone Talk.

Easier operation – We have added a number of tool-tips to the interface to explain what certain interface items do making it easier for you to learn additional features.

Saved Recent Calls – Many times you may want to redial a number that just called in or to whom you have dialed out. The dialer now provides stores a number of recent calls in a drop down menu.

Minutes Used – Backbone Talk now provides you with your phone minutes used. Your Call Detail Records (CDRs) and now easily available to review and download.

SMS Messaging – Send and receive SMS messages to your phone line!

Integrated Documentation – Backbone Talk has a new menu system with a number of options. When you choose to view the Talk Documentation your browser will open the latest documentation available.

Support Requests – Another menu option provides a form to provide feedback on Backbone Talk.

Along with many reliability improvements and bug fixes, we hope you like it. For those of you running the older version of Backbone Talk contact us and we’ll work with you to find a convenient time to update you to the latest version.

For those of you interested in trying it out we provide a 30-day demo of the product. This enable you to try it out in your environment with your own equipment.

In the comment leave us your feedback and thoughts about the product and features we can add in the future!

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